11th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers
From 20 to 24 November 2010 in Tallinn


11th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers will take place from 20th to 24th of November, 2010 in Tallinn.

Call for entries! Submit your short film to one of our three competition programmes! Please click here for the regulations and entry form (.rtf) or (.pdf). Deadline: 15 September 2010!

Online entry through Reelport will be open soon!

Feel free to write to us at sleepwalkers[at]



This Saturday, Nov 21 at 20.00 in bar Juuksur (Vaimu tn 1) Sleepwalkers' meats CLUB HUMUNGUS!

Future Project (FIN)
Lea&Matti (FIN)
Ans Meelik (EST)
Tagasi Tulevikku (EST)

Ticket 35.-/50.-

Come and enjoy good music!

Sleepwalkers on tour! Winners of Sleepwalkers and various special programs soon in Tartu, Viljandi and Paide. Specific info soon on our webpage.


Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers, that celebrated its jubilee this year, announced the winners of the international competitio of student films and the national competition of short films on Sunday, 15 November 2009.

Jury awards for the films in international competition programme:

Grand Prix – for best film, may be in any genre (1 km of 16 mm Kodak film print and development of 1 hour of film print by Fin-Lab OY)

Dir: Runar Runarsson
Prod: Caroline Schlüter
DoP: Sophia Olsson

Jury comment: Gets you most into the feeling of the film.

• Best Fiction Film

Dir: Lili Horvath
Prod: Henning Kamm, Karoly Feher
DoP: Robert Maly
Hungary, Germany

Jury comment: Best use of cinema language in a fiction film.

• Best Animated Film

Dir: Sophie Klevenow
Prod: Sophie Klevenow
DoP: Sophie Klevenow
United Kingdom of Britain

Jury comment: Great idea told in a pure form, achieving the result of a very inspiring film with an amazing unity.

• Best Documentary

Arsy Versy / Arsy Versy
Dir: Miro Remo
Prod: Marek Ježo
DoP: Jaro Valko

Jury comment: Great example of how the documentary maker is ahead of its subject and manages to tell a story visually. Batman rules!

• Special Mention

Dir: Timur Ismailov
Prod: Tobias Wilbrink, Maarten van der Ven
DoP: Lennart Verstegen
The Netherlands

Jury comment: For being courageous enough to deal with a difficult topic in a cheerful way.

Dir: Magnus van Horn
Prod: Emilia Puszczynska
DoP: Malgorzata Szylak

Jury comment: Film which leaves an emotional impact although not giving all the answers.

Jury awards for films in the national competition programme:

• Best Estonian Short Film

Dir: Vallo Toomla
Prod: Tiiu-Ann Pello
DoP: Sten-Johan Lill

Jury comment: A real author film in a syrrealistic world where feelings and expressions are shown in a very strong and esthetic way.

• Special Mention


Krantsid / Strays
Dir: Sutharsan Bala
Prod: Marianne Ostrat
DoP: Meelis Veeremets

Jury comment: A strong drama where the pictures are full of communication.

Tõuteadur / Breed Scientist
Dir: Kaidi Kaasik
Prod: Kaidi Kaasik
DoP: Kaidi Kaasik

Jury comment: Clear documentary with many levels giving the viewers possibilities to find their own interpretation.

Suurde avarusse / The Great Wide Open
Dir: Kaur Kokk
Prod: Maie Rosmann
DoP: Erik Põllumaa

Jury comment: Sense of humour, humanism and great details in the life of cinema illusion.

AWAKING party tonight in Von Krahl bar! Wine, electricity, music and people in the best mood. Come and celebrate the end of 10th Sleepwalkers! 


Sleepwalkers' screenings continue today in Kinomaja and Von Krahl Theater at 14.00, 16.00, 18.00 & 20.00. We continue with competition programs in Kinomaja and focus programs on Scottish and Portuguese shorts in Von Krahl. Several screenings also have authors attending, Q&A-s at beginning of screenings. 

Gathering in front of cinemas after ending of last screenings ~ 21.45. NEON PARTY tram leaves 22.00 sharp from Freedom square (Vabaduse väljak) tram stop in direction of Kopli. Final destination: Balti jaam. Festival guests and friends continue their endless energy and electricity to bar Juuksur (Vaimu street). 

Shorts are everywhere!


Sleepwalkers is in full motion and the first day of films will soon be over. The festival guests gather tonight at 21.00 in bar Juuksur (Vaimu 1) to discuss the films and share their emotions behind a glass of beer and later move on to the BiiT Party in Von Krahl.

BiiT meets the Freestyle Man! Tonight at 23.00-04.00. Main guest: the house legend of Berlin Sasse aka The Freestyle Man. Plus BiiT DJ’s Madis Nestor, Jaagup Jalakas & Sten Saluveer. Ticket 75.-/100.-, 50.- with the Sleepwalkers’ badge.

Two more days of short films ahead in Kinomaja and Von Krahl! Sleepwalkers is full of electricity and energy. Come and go crazy with us!!!


Tonight various bands performing at Sleepwalkers opening party in Von Krahl Theater and Bar. Party on two floors! Check out more under program or guests > events!



Kinomaja (Cinema House) information desk open today from 5pm!
Von Krahl Theater's information deks open tomorrow from 3pm! 

All free tickets and accreditation cards are waiting for You at our main information desk in Kinomaja from 12.11-15.11. It is only possible to pay in cash for the accreditation card. 


Tonight the Sleepwalkers will start! Get Your boots on and get ready for 4 days and nights of short movies, crazy people and nutty parties!


7.30 pm opening ceremony in Kinomaja / European Film Academy best shorts of the year 2009!
9.30 pm European Film Academy best shorts of the year 2009 programme II

DREAM PARTY 12th November 22.00-04.00 in Von Krahl – party on two floors.
Performing: MOFO (LAT), Point of Origin (FIN), Momoko Pins, One Dollar Project, TNVVNÜM, Algorütmid, Kaido Kirikmäe, Cubus Larvik, Tagasi Tulevikku, VJ’s Emer Värk, Martu, VHK and EKA students etc. Ticket: 75.-/100.- free with the Sleepwalkers’ badge.

See You in cinema!


Sleepwalkers 2009 catalogue is available here.
Sleepwalkers 2009 brochure is available here. 

Enjoy reading!

NB! In catalogue PDF version on page 37, film "Morbus" is missing. In the printed version of the catalogue the film is included. We appologize in front of authors of the film!


Authors: Eerik Kändler, Igor Hobotov, Laura Pählapuu
Thanks to Nukufilm!


This years timetable and programs are being uploaded to the webpage. Please be patient!


10th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers & 11th Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams touring around!

A preview of this years programme, screening of animations and short films, information about possibilities to get accreditation to the festival(s) and more! All following events are free for everyone. You’re welcomed!

1/11 at 19.00 Sunday Cinema in Cultural Factory Polymer (
2/11 at 20.00 Tallinn Technical University (
3/11 at 19.00 Estonian Art Academy (
4/11 at 15.30 Baltic Film and Media School (
4/11 at 18.00 Viljandi Cultural College Black Box, Viljandi (
5/11 at 18.00 Tallinn University (
6/11 at 18.00 Club Genialistid, Tartu (
8/11 at 20.00 New World Community (

See you soon!


PÖFF's 10th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers & Tallinn Student Days present: 

28/9/09 // 00.00-02.00 // Cinema Sõprus // Sleepwalkers - selection of shorts

Andrew Bond "Russian Size", 17', 2009, fiction, Estonia
Monica Bravo "How To Kiss A Dead Girl", 26', 2008, fiction, Estonia-UK
Ragne Mandri "Little Wooden Town", 27', 2009, fiction, Estonia
Claudia Röthun, Adrian Flückiger "What's Next", 4', 2007, animation, Switzerland
Per Hanefjord "Between You and Me", 20', 2007, fiction, Sweden

30/9/09 // 00.00-02.00
// Cinema Sõprus // Sleepwalkers - selection of music videos

Selection of Estonian music videos

Read more about other Student Days events from


Official deadline for filmsubmission to the international competition program  has been prolonged until 15th September 2009. For the Estonian competition program, the entries deadline is 15th September 2009.

This years entry form is available from sleepwalkers[at] or download it from here.

Or send us Your film online through Reelport!

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