III International Student Films Competition program / Saturday, 14/11/2009 at 14.00 in Kinomaja

Slovakkia/Slovak Republic
2009, 23 min

Rež/Dir: Miro Remo

Lubos invested his life’s energy combined with his unbelievable empathy into amateur photography and film creation about nature and most importantly – about bats. His 75-year-old mother, the biggest support in his life, worries about the future of her son who was thought to be crazy before everyone had seen the „Arsy-Versy”.

Prod/Prod: Marek Ježo
Op/DoP: Jaro Valko
Tootja/Production: FTF VŠMU
Keel/Language: slovaki/Slovak

Miro Remo has finished his MA studies at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava in the Department of Documentary. He is interested in photography, film, cycling, computers, traveling and nature and is preparing his first feature film in Ilava prison about reintegration of prisoners.

2009, 27 min

Rež/Dir: Mihkel Ulk

Karin and Riho have grown apart from each other after fifteen years of marriage. Riho is tormented by the fact that he has not succeeded in climbing the ladder of success and remains a casual laborer in a pig farm. Karin works in the same place as a veterinarian and she is tired of hearing her husband's unfounded promises and of soothing his feelings of inferiority. As parents, they are too engrossed in the maze of their own relationship to notice what is happening in the lives of their sons – until the younger son pulls off a trick that makes his whole family reassess their actions.

Prod/Prod: Piret Tibbo-Hudgins
Op/DoP: Mihkel Soe
Tootja/Production: Allfilm
Keel/Language: eesti/Estonian

Mihkel Ulk graduated from Tallinn University’s film and video department BA studies with cum laude and is currently studying in Baltic Film and Media School MA of film directing. He has directed various advertisements, short movies and is also director of „Erisaade” at ETV. Several of Mihkel’s shorts have also been competing in previous years Sleepwalkers competition programs.

Minu süda, minu viga / My heart, my bad
2009, 24 min

Rež/Dir: Mari-Kaisu Mononen

What should one do not to always be so sad? The film is a comedy about sorrow. Young woman Essi wonders should things that are found useless be tossed.

Prod/Prod: Mari-Kaisu Mononen, Mikko Laine
Op/DoP: Arsen Sarkisiants
Tootja/Production: University of Art and Design Helsinki
Keel/Language: soome/Finnish

Mari-Kaisu Mononen wonders either the world’s fucked up or she’s just old.

Eikusagil bluus / Nowhere Blues
2009, 19 min

Rež/Dir: Bartosz Warwas

Far, far away, in a small town beyond distant mountains and an enormous forest, Warkocz is trapped. Only Great Love can release him. While waiting patiently for It to come, Warkocz is combing his long beard which houses all his powers.

Prod/Prod: Jolanta Malawska
Op/DoP: Mateusz Wajda
Tootja/Production: The Polish National Film School
Keel/Language: poola/Polish

Bartosz Warwas (1978) has been studying directing in Polish National Film School in Lodz since 2006. His films have been screened on numerous international festivals including Berlin, Bilbao, Cologne, New Delhi, Tehran, Bucharest, Badalona, Monterrey, San Francisco, Tallinn and Rio de Janeiro. Bartosz’s film „Triathlon” was part of Sleepwalkers competition programme in 2008.

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