SLEEPWALKERS 2008 WINNERS - SELECTIONSleepwalkers 2008 winners - selection / Friday, 13/11/09 at 16.00 in Von Krahl Theater

Tõde või tegu / Truth or Dare
2008, 29 min

Rež/Dir: Mikko Kuparinen

Minna and Pasi are an ordinary couple in their forties. Except the fact, that they both have been having an affair with another person for some time already. Tonight everything will be revealed...

Prod/Prod: Marjo Viitala, Mikko Kuparinen
Op/DoP: Anssi Leino
Tootja/Production: University of Art and Design Helsinki
Keel/Language: soome / Finnish

Mikko Kuparinen is an award winning short film director and „Truth or Dare” is his graduation film. He also works as a TV-director. In 2007 won the Grand Prix at Sleepwalkers and was the Member of Jury in 2008 Sleepwalkers International Competition Programme.

Kõrgemale, mees! / Man Up
2008, 7 min

Rež/Dir: Edward Barrett

Up, right, left, round and round but not down.

Prod/Prod: Animation Staff, Royal College of Art
Tootja/Production: Animation Staff, Royal College of Art
Keel/Language: inglise/English

Edward Barrett was born in 1983 and for as long as he can remember he has always liked drawing. In 2003 he went to study animation at the Surry Institute of Art and Design. Towards the end of his BA degree, Edward decided the real world was too scary so he applied for a two-year Masters degree at the Royal College of Art.  Now, after completing that course, he claims to be ready to become a grown-up.

2008, 14 min

Rež/Dir: Andrew Bond

A young couple is sitting at the bus stop and telling each other an incredible story. Your obsession could seem a curse, but actually it is a gift, guiding you to the happiness.

Prod/Prod: Maario Masing
Op/DoP: Alvar Kõue
Tootja/Production: Balti Filmi- ja Meediakool
Keel/Language: eesti/Estonian

Andrew Bond (born 1981 in USSR) was a very quiet child, who sometimes could astonish adults with his precise observation of surrounding. To the question „who are you?”, Bond answers easily: „I am a famous movie director from the future”. At present Andrew is a student at the Baltic Film and Media School.

Must Peeter / Black Peter
2008, 21 min

Rež/Dir: Priit Pääsuke

Peter and his wife have dinner with friends in a restaurant. They have not quarreled for two weeks already. A new record could be in the making. A trivial argument soon grows into a quarrel and the night brings weird games into their relationship.

Prod/Prod: Priit Pääsuke, Esko Rips
Op/DoP: Meelis Veeremets
Tootja/Production: Luxfilm
Keel/Language: eesti/Estonian

Priit Pääsuke was born in 1975 in Soviet Estonia. Before he graduated Tallinn University film department (BFM) as a director in 2005, he studied natural science and played guitar in several space rock groups. He has both directed and produced several films. Since 2006 he has also directed several TV commercials.

Piiri peal / On The Line
Saksamaa, Šveits / Germany, Switzerland
2007, 30 min

Rež/Dir: Reto Caffi

A department store security guard is torn by guilt after not having helped someone who was being attacked in the subway.

Prod/Prod: Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)
Op/DoP: Piotr Rosolowski
Tootja/Production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)
Keel/Language: saksa/German

Reto Caffi has studied English literature, linguistics and journalism and worked as a cultural journalist, scriptwriter and director. He has won over 30 awards at different festivals. „On the Line“ is his thesis film.

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