EVENING EVENTSAfter long days full of film-watching you can spend each festival night differently: either by dancing to film music and bands or by taking a ride on the Sleepwalkers’ tram with other guests of the festival. Destination: as far as you can sleepwalk.

DREAM PARTY 12th November 22.00-04.00 in Von Krahl – party on two floors.
Performing: MOFO (LAT), Point of Origin (FIN), Momoko Pins, One Dollar Project, TNVVNÜM, Algorütmid, Kaido Kirikmäe, Cubus Larvik, Tagasi Tulevikku, VJ’d Emer Värk, Martu, VHK and EKA students etc. Ticket: 75.-/100.-, free with the Sleepwalkers’ badge.

BiiT meets the Freestyle Man!
13th November 23.00-04.00 in Von Krahl. Main guest: the house legend of Berlin Sasse aka The Freestyle Man. Plus BiiT DJ’s Madis Nestor, Jaagup Jalakas & Sten Saluveer. Ticket 75.-/100.-, 50.- with the Sleepwalkers’ badge.

NEON PARTY 14th November
The Sleepwalkers’ birthday tram Vabaduse väljak – Kopli – Balti jaam, meeting point in front of cinemas after last screenings ~ 21.45 and/or Vabaduse väljak tramstop at 22.00. Followed by a get-together in baar Juuksur. Free entrance.

WAKING-UP PARTY 15th November 21.00-01.00 in Von Krahl.
Waiking up from sleepwalking.
Ticket: 35.-, free with the Sleepwalkers’ badge.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate with us!

Check out the performers:

MOFO (LAT) www.draugiem.lv/mofo

Point of Origin (FIN) www.myspace.com/pointoforiginband

Momoko Pins www.myspace.com/momokopins

One Dollar Project www.myspace.com/odpest NB! Debüütalbumi esitlus!

TNVVNÜM www.myspace.com/tnvvnum

Algorütmid www.myspace.com/algorytmid

Kaido Kirikmäe www.myspace.com/kaidokirikmae

Cubus Larvik www.myspace.com/cubuslarvik

Tagasi Tulevikku www.myspace.com/tagasitulevikku

Sasse aka The Freestyle Man (GER) www.myspace.com/sasse_moodmusic
Madis Nestor www.biit.me
Jaagup Jalakas www.biit.me and www.myspace.com/jalakas
Sten "Gun" Saluveer www.biit.me


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